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Ready to Burn

Woodfuel is becoming more popular as a fuel to heat the home. For optimum performance and safety, wood-fuel appliances require fuel that complies with strict quality standards.

The Woodsure “Ready to Burn Scheme” is an initiative brought to challenge the increasing issue of pollution. The “Ready to Burn” scheme helps raise awareness of the dangers of using wet or un-seasoned wood in your fire or wood stove.

A stove is only as good as the wood it burns and so the "Ready to Burn" seal of approval will reassure those who purchase firewood with its logo, that they are dry and immediately ready to burn.

The scheme is government and industry backed with both DEFRA and HETAS giving their support.

The Ready to Burn scheme uses vigorous and frequent testing to ensure that our firewood is dried to below 20% moisture content. "Ready to Burn firewood must be seasoned either by air drying or in a kiln before it is ready to use.

Woodsure certify us to ensure we produce and deliver fuel at the correct standard for your heating system.

Fuel quality is a vitally important consideration for anyone operating a wood burning stove or open fire; poor quality fuel is one of the main causes of faults, chimney fires and air quality issues.